Winterising your caravan



Well the end of the season is nearly upon us time for all our owners to pack up their caravans for the winter. I am often asked by new owners on the best way to go about this and although everyone has their own way of doing things  I thought I would compile a checklist which may be of help.
Here at Gorselands the actual draining down of the water systems (winterising) as we call it is done by the professionals ie Richard and Cat, this ensures it complies with insurance company regulations. This service is included in your site fees.

Things to do yourselves are as follows.

Televisions and Microwaves
Please take all televisions, digi boxes and DVD equipment home with you. This prevents them getting cold and damp which they do not like and also deters intruders. We also suggest you place the microwave out of sight eg in a wardrobe or the bathroom.

Move all the fixed seat cushions away from the walls. We prop them up in the middle of the lounge to allow air to circulate thus preventing mildew. Also lift and roll up any rugs and stand on end.

Mattresses and bedding
As with the soft furnishes remove from the bed and prop them up.
If you are leaving duvets etc, vacuum sealed bags are an excellent way of storing them (making sure they are well aired first)
Curtains, Nets and Blinds
Many people like to take them home to wash ready for the new season, we would certainly recommend taking them down as it prevents them coming into contact with condensation on the windows.
If you are leaving them up it is best to leave them open so that any unwelcome visitors can see that there is nothing of value left inside.
Cupboards and Wardrobes
Remove all food and crumbs so as not to attract mice. Wipe out and leave doors open for air to circulate.
Place half filled containers of salt around the caravan to capture the moisture, some people use cat litter or you can buy special plastic containers filled with a silicone gel.
On your last day try to air the caravan as much as possible, try to minimise cooking and dry the shower/bathroom walls
It goes without saying do not leave any valuables in your caravan and most owners leave signs in their widows to confirm this.

All that is left for me to say is goodbye, have a good winter and look forward to seeing you next March.
Remember however the office is open during the closed season Monday – Friday 9.15 -5.00
so you can still ring to find your holiday home for sale in Dorset or book next year’s  Dorset holiday