Why Buy a Static Caravan?



Why Buy a Static Caravan?

Everyone looks forward to a break away from the routine.  Whether you are working or retired it is nice to have a break away. Many of us save up for two weeks break, often abroad but with flight delays etc  you often feel in need of another holiday as soon as you return.

Have you ever thought of buying your own holiday home, where you could escape to whenever you have the time.  In most countries the dream of owning a holiday home remains that a dream. However buying a caravan holiday home is affordable to many people as there are some to suit all budgets. There are many reasons why people buy a static caravan home and here are just a few.

1. Affordibility

Buying a holiday cottage overlooking the sea or in the countryside would cost a great deal of money however with prices of a pre owned caravan starting from just a few  thousand they offer an affordable alternative. Obviously there are other costs such as ground rent, Insurance , rates, refuse and water ( here at Gorselands you need to budget for  approx £385 - £450 a month to cover these costs, gas and electric are metered and billed twice a year). If you take into account the price of a couple of family holidays versus owning a holiday home you can start to see the attraction.

2. Flexibility

Being able to hop in the car whenever the fancy takes or when the weather is good is an excellent  reason in itself to purchase your own little bolthole. You can arrive whenever you like, no check in, stay a few days or if your lucky a few months, and take as many holidays as you can fit in.

3. Time to Spare

Retirement looks like such a wonderful prospect! Finally an end to the early mornings and the daily grind, but what is work replaced with? After the initial novelty wears off there's a lot of time to get bored - that sock drawer can only be rearranged so many times! Having a holiday home opens the door to another area, with wonderful new places to see, interesting people to meet, exciting new hobbies to discover. Fancy  fishing?  photography?  walking? or just some new places to explore? A holiday home gives you a perfect base.

4. Get Away from it all

The modern world seems designed to ensure you don't get a moments rest. Whether it's post landing on the mat, constant phone calls, text messages, favours being asked… time actually spent relaxing without worrying about distractions is becoming increasingly hard to find! Having a holiday home can lift you up and take you away from those day-to-day distraction. Beeps, ringing and the sound of bills coming through the door can be replaced by birds singing or waves crashing on the beach

5. Weekends pass  to quickly.

Do you find by the time you get home on a Friday night, sort a meal its then time for bed. Saturdays are taken up with shopping and other household chores. Feel obliged to cook a Sunday lunch, that’s most of that day gone. Instead come home Friday pack up the car and head down to your little haven of peace. Arrive in time to unpack pour yourself a drink and watch the sunset. Then 2 days of chilling out before you have to go back to the daily grind.

6. Health benefits.

Recent surveys show that people on holiday have a much better ability to resist and recover from stress. You  can relax in peaceful surroundings, have more time for fresh air and exercise therefore enabling you to sleep better. If you own your own holiday home there is no need to wait months for a holiday you can getaway whenever and as often as you like.

7 Dogs can come as well

Finally to all of you with a dog, you can bring them with you. No more trying to find accommodation that accepts dogs (often at an extra cost) or booking them into kennels and spending your holidaying worrying about them.