Tips on Purchasing a Static Caravan



Buying a static caravan holiday home is a major lifestyle choice. Doing so enables you to own a “home from home”; somewhere relaxing to escape to when it's time for a hard-earned break from the daily grind.

Owning your own holiday caravan also gives you a base from which to enjoy fantastic holidays with your nearest and dearest, year after year.
However there are many things to consider before making the decision and you must remember not to think of purchasing a static caravan as a financial investment rather than a long term lifestyle choice.
Points to consider are:
Park Location
 It goes without saying that the location of your holiday caravan is vital to your enjoyment of it. You’re purchasing a holiday home in a place where you hope to be able to enjoy year upon year of top quality holidays, so choose a location that you are in love with.
Distance from your home is another thing to take into account. How much of a difference this makes really depends
on  how you intend to use your caravan; if you favour regular weekend breaks over  bi-annual, multi-week getaways, a caravan within a couple of hours drive from your home is the best bet.
If you plan to be away for several weeks at a time, once or twice a year, you will have more scope in terms of where to site your holiday caravan. However, if you plan to give your family and friends access to your holiday caravan also, this may influence your choice of location.
With a rough area in mind, it’s time to focus on what the locality can offer you; things like visitor attractions, outdoor activities and access to local countryside are all factors that can make a certain holiday location more attractive than another.
The Park
Choosing the location is the first step but your chosen location may well have several parks to choose from. When selecting a park it is important to narrow your search to parks that meet your specific requirements
Do you require a park with facilities such as bars and swimming pools or would you prefer a quieter more relaxed atmosphere?
Is the park pet friendly?
How many months of the year is the park open?
How many years can a caravan stay on the site?
Does the park allow subletting?
Running Costs
As with any big purchase, cost is a major thing to consider. As well as the initial capital outlay associated with buying your holiday caravan, there will also be additional and ongoing running costs to bear in mind.
Site Fees – This is the rent charged for the pitch your caravan is sited on and varies between parks and sometimes between different plots and is charged annually.
Gas and Electric – How is this charged? Is the gas bottled or LPG.
Insurance – Parks will insist on your caravan being insured, some  parks offer their own schemes.
It's a harsh fact of caravan ownership: the value of your static caravan will depreciate. This cannot be avoided.
These are just a few tips to help you make a decision.

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