Tips for Purchasing your perfect Holiday Home


With all this wonderful weather we are having why holiday abroad. May be this is a good time to think about buying your very own affordable holiday home.

There are several important factors to take into consideration when purchasing a static caravan.

1. Budget

Work out how much you can realistically afford. Remember it is not only the initial purchase of the caravan but the annual fees involved eg. Site rent, rates, gas & electric, insurance etc.

2. Location

You need to decide what type of Caravan Park you would like.

A large family park with lots of amenities or a smaller quieter park.

Are sea views important to you? Is it on a bus route?

When you have decided on this visit a few parks to get a feel for them, maybe if they have a letting fleet spend a short break on the park.

3. The Caravan

Many parks have caravans already on the site for sale that you can look at. These will have been chosen for the pitch they are on affording the best views etc.

Some parks may have vacant pitches where you can choose your own caravan from the many manufacturers available to you

From the selection of manufacturers come the various ranges. Within this, start looking at static caravans that are within your budget and decide on the size of the caravan that you would like to buy. For many, the size of the caravan is of primary importance, the larger the caravan, the greater the cost and also the more space that you have Just remember that the size of the caravan that you are able to buy is governed by the pitch size on which you choose to site it.


When you have decided on the size and the number of bedrooms, look at additional features, fixtures and fittings. You may want to consider central heating, double glazing and insulation if you are going to use your caravan during the colder months. If you are going to site a caravan on a holiday park near the sea, getting a galvanised chassis is probably a good idea, salty sea air significantly increases the corrosion time of bare or painted steel. New static caravans now come with a range of new features, depending on your budget, you can even have your own bath. The design and aesthetics are also important, choose a model that fits your style and taste from homely ranges to ultra modern, clean and contemporary designs. Balance the need for comfort and style and research through the many ranges to choose the specific style that suits you.


When you have taken all these points into consideration and are looking for a caravan for sale in Dorset look no further than Gorselands.

Gorselands have several holiday homes available to suit all budgets either brand new or pre owned.

Gorselands is a peaceful caravan park with  spectacular views over the Jurassic coast and the beautiful Dorset Countryside