Five reasons to take an autumn staycation this year


Although the summer has come to a close and the daylight hours are beginning to fade, there is no reason why you shouldn’t still be able to get just as much enjoyment out of your autumn staycation. With a few slightly tweaked preparations we think that it is a great time to take a holiday and here’s why:

autumn trees near our caravan parks Dorset

1. The summer period is always a busy one, with the summer holidays offering the best time for people to travel and enjoy the good weather. However, holidaying outside of this time period means that you will enjoy quieter, more peaceful surroundings where the restaurants aren’t packed and there is plenty of room for you and your family to get out and about.

2. It is cheaper to take a holiday in autumn, as the prices fall around mid-September when the kids go back to school and the peak season is over. Naturally, if you have kids you can’t take them out of school in term-time, but the October half term is soon approaching and is a great time to holiday!

3. You get the chance to live more like a local than a tourist when visiting during the quiet season. Immerse yourself in the wonderful daily life of Dorset and get a real feel for the wonderful area, explore the local attractions and absorb the welcoming atmosphere.

4. It gives you a little something to look forward to once the summer is over. You can enjoy the summer months between your working hours, and then when everyone else is getting into a September slump you can perk yourself up with a little getaway!

5. Autumn is a beautiful season, with the leaves turning from bright green to warm orange tones and softly floating through the air. The locations that are a lovely sight in the summer can look even more beautiful under the cover of an autumn colour scheme, make sure you bring you camera for some fantastic holiday shots!

Dorset is a great place to take a staycation this September, with the weather still warm enough (although you may want to pack a jumper just in case) and everything still looks just as pretty, with sunsets that will certainly impress! Book at stay at our caravan parks Dorset today and make the most of the autumn season!